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Street of Forgotten Men
Le Roi des Mendiants
By Herbert Brenon, for Famous Player-Lasky, 1925
With Louise Brooks...A Moll, Percy Marmont, Neil Hamilton

The American Venus
By Frank Tuttle, for Famous Player-Lasky, 1926
With Louise Brooks...Miss Bayport, Esther Ralston, Fay Lanphier, Lawrence Gray, Ford Sterling

A Social Celebrity
Au Suivant de ces Messieurs
By Malcom StClair, for Famous Player-Lasky, 1926
With Louise Brooks...Kitty Laverne, Adolphe Menjou, Chester Conklin

It's the Old Army Game
Un Conte d'Apothicaire
By Edward Sutherland, for Famous Player-Lasky, 1926
With Louise Brooks...Mildred Marshall, W.C.Fields, William Gaxton, Blanche Ring

The Show-off
By Malcolm StClair, for Famous Player-Lasky, 1926
With Louise Brooks...Clara(Joe's Girl), Ford Sterling, Lois Wilson, Gregory Kelly

Just Another Blonde
By Alfred Santell, for First National, 1926
With Louise Brooks...Diana O'Sullivan, Dorothy McKaill,Jack Mulhall,William Collier Jr

Love'em and Leave'em
Le Galant Etalagiste
By Frank Tuttle, for Famous Player-Lasky, 1926
With Louise Brooks...Jany Walsh, Evelyn Brent, Odgood Perkins, Lawrence Gray

Evening CLothes
Un Homme en Habit
By Luther Reed, for Paramount, 1927
With Louise Brooks...Fox Trot, Adolphe Menjou, Noah Beery, Virginia Vallin Lilyan Tashman

Rolled Stockings
Frères ennemis
By Richard Rosson, for Paramount, 1927
With Louise Brooks...Carol Fleming, James Hall, Nancy Phillips, Richard Arlen

Now we're int the Air
By Frank Stayler, for Paramount, 1927
With Louise Brooks...Griselle/Grisette, Wallace Beery, Raymond Hatton

The City Gone Wild
La Cité maudite
By James Cruze, for Paramount, 1927
With Louise Brooks...Snuggles Joy, Thomas Meighan

A Girl In Every Port
Poings de Fer, Coeur d'Or
By Howard Hawks, for Fox, 1928
With Louise Brooks...Marie(Girl in France), Victor McLaglen, Robert Armstrong

Beggars of Life
Les mendiants de la vie
By William Wellman, for Paramount, 1928
With Louise Brooks...Nancy, Wallace Beery, Richard Arlen, Edgar Washington

The Canary Murder Case
By Malcolm StClair, for Paramount, 1929
With Louise Brooks...Margaret Odell(The Canary), William Powell, Jean Arthur

Pandora's Box
By G.W.Pabst, for Nero Film(Berlin), 1929
With Louise Brooks...Lulu(Loulou), Gustav Diessl, Fritz Kortner, Franz Lederer * more about "lulu"

Die Tagebuch einer Verlorenen
Diary of a lost Girl/Trois pages d'un journal/Le journal d'une fille perdue
By G.W.Pabst, for First National, 1929
With Louise Brooks...Thymiane, Joseph Rovensky, Fritz Rasp, André Roanne

Prix de Beauté

By Augusto Genina, for Solar Film(Paris), 1930
With Louise Brooks...Lucienne Garnier, Georges Charlia, Jean Bradin

Windy Reilly in Hollywood
By William Goodrich, for Educational, 1931
With Louise Brooks...Betty Grey, Jack Shutta, William Davidson, Wilbur Mack

God's Gft to Women

By Michael Curtiz, for Warner Bros, 1931
With Louise Brooks...Florine, Frank Fay, Laura LaPlante, Joan Blondell

In Pays to Advertise

By Frank Tuttle, for Paramount, 1931
With Louise Brooks...Thelma Temple, Norman Foster, Carole Lombard

Empty Saddles

By Lesley Selander, for Universal, 1936
With Louise Brooks...Boots Boone,Buck Jones

King of Gamblers
Hollywood Boulevard
By Robert Florey, for Paramount, 1937
With Louise Brooks...Joyce Beaton

When You're In Love
Le Coeur en Fete
By Robert Riskin, for Columbia, 1937
With Louise Brooks...Ballet Dancer, Grace Moore, Gary Grant

Overland Stage Raiders
By George Sherman, for Republic, 1938
With Louise Brooks...Beth Hoyt, John Wayne

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