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Henry Langlois

: Pandora's Box, Diary of a Lost Girl, Prix de Beaute and Looking for Lulu

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10 Mai 1929

Hello, Ouzbekistan !


Pandora's Box, Diary of a Lost Girl, Prix de Beaute,Looking for Lulu

A strange mystery...!, by Dark Woods
In the 1920's Alberto Vargas produced many glamorous images for Florenz Ziegfeld, creator of the Ziegfeld Follies. The year of this drawing-model is officially 1922   more...

I found the new Louise brooks! , by Dark Woods
I found the new Louise brooks! Look at her and you will be amazed like me! Like said Henri langlois: The camera seems to have caught her by surprise, without her knowledge. Her art is so pure that it becomes invisible Her name is Rebecca, she is 22 years ago, she lives in the united kingdom    more...

Prix de beaute,by Dark Woods
From the 4 to August 26, the festival of the Cinema to the moonlight (open-air cinema) takes again service for its 4th edition. In love with cinema, you will be able during many days to appreciate with beautiful star of films projected free in Paris.nbsp;   more...


Pandora's Box (5) 38.5%
Diary of a lost Girl (4) 30.8%
Prix de Beaute (2) 15.4%
Love'em and Leave'em (1) 7.7%
The Show-off (0) 0.0%
A Girl In Every Port (0) 0.0%
Beggars of Life (0) 0.0%
The Canary Murder Case (0) 0.0%
Empty Saddles (0) 0.0%
Not listed (0) 0.0%




Source: almanach vermot, france