Looking for lulu

Pics Excerpts from the dvd "Looking for Lulu"
Image Entertainment - ID5673DLDVD
Narrated by Shirley McLaine
Producted by Hugh Hefner and Turner Classic Movies


Gallery 1 Thank You !
Gallery 2 Do i look pretty ?
Gallery 3 Early Portraits
Gallery 4 Early Portraits
Gallery 5 Eyes of love
Gallery 6 Movies
Gallery 7 A Dance Lesson !
Gallery 8 Loulou rowing
Gallery 9 It's the old army game
Gallery 10 New York
Gallery 11 New York
Gallery 12 Friends & More...
Gallery 13 Friends & More...
Gallery 14 Ruth St Denis, The Ballet, New York - Siegfeld Folies
Gallery 15 Ruth St Denis, The Ballet, New York - Siegfeld Folies
Gallery 16 Leonard & Myra Brooks
Gallery 17 Living in Cherryvale...
Gallery 18 Colored Pics
Gallery 19 The Show off
Gallery 20 The Show Off
Gallery 21 Grrrr...! Angry Louise
Gallery 22 Brooksie smile...
Gallery 23
Gallery 24 Love 'em and Leave 'em
Gallery 25 Drink Coca Cola !
Gallery 26 Prix De Beauté: 1st Prize !
Gallery 27 Sweetheart Louise
Gallery 28 Sweetheart Louise

to be continued...

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